Once Upon a Time…

Selling Real Estate Was All About Exposure…

…however, times have changed. Worldwide exposure was a unique proposition five years ago, but now, every property is exposed to every buyer around the world.

Don’t let a Realtor fool you - flyers, emailing lists, billboards, even social media advertising - won’t sell your property anymore. People are immune to the constant noise and manipulation. 

There are only two essential tools to showcase your property to every device around the world - internet & photos. Everything else that sells your property, is the intangible your Realtor brings to the table. It’s what separates the Realtors who can sell in a tough market, and those who can’t.

**If the cheapest commission is important to you, then we are probably not the best fit.

We believe in full transparency when it comes to commission, after all - you should know where your money is going, and why. There's a big misconception that Realtors take home the percentage listed on the listing agreement. When we sell your home, almost half of the commission is delivered to the buyer's brokerage. From the half that is delivered to the selling agent, half goes to the brokerage, and the rest is divided between marketing, advertising, agent fees, admin fees and finally to the agents who helped you sell your home.

**There is NO standard commission.