Welcome to Mississippi Magnolia!
We're super excited that you're here,
and look forward to working with you.

It's time to get to know where we came from, and the values we live by as a Team. You'll also learn about our Vision and Mission. Yes, those things that every business is supposed to have, but often - don't actually live by. We do, you'll see!

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the superior REAL ESTATE SOLUTION in Mississippi.
Focused on high client satisfaction levels, committed to overachieving objectives,
all while attaining optimal success in all facets of operations.

Our Mission


Our Plan

DISRUPTION isn’t simply disrupting for the sake of change, to be different,
 or going against the grain of the establishment. It’s about meeting the needs of people, by filling voids

DISRUPTION is about creating entirely new entities, or taking something that already exists,
 and maximizing its potential, to create something new

DISRUPTION is about using new technologies to expand beyond the limits of what people perceive.
In many ways, disruptive innovation will guarantee your success over competitors that fail to embrace change

DISRUPTION is spotting solutions that others cannot see

Our Core Values

Core values like integrity, respect, and boldness sound nice on paper - but what do they really mean? For most companies, they're just words. Something companies say, but not what they do. At Mississippi Magnolia, our TEAM created our core values.  Disrespect them, and BYEEEE ✌🏼

  • Team-First mentality
  • Be authentic
  • Clients over commission
  • Open communication
  • Creativity is celebrated
  • Openness to pivot
  • Willingness to learn
  • Passion [for HIM, your Team, clients, profession, growth, & more]
  • Efficiency
  • Life-Balance [Team, work, clients, home, family, relationships, & more]
  • Positive mindset
  • Ethical behavior
  • Encouraging of others
  • Loyal
  • Systems over opinions